High Pressure Sales Tactics

The government of Nova Scotia is cautioning employers and employees to beware of companies who are doing high pressure sales calls for equipment that is very expensive and may be unnecessary.

A Quebec company that Nova Scotia Labour and Workforce Development spokeswoman Chrissy Matheson could not name has been calling employers “to sell first aid kits for about $400.”

The problem isn’t that the kits are merely expensive — although they are. Rather, “they’re basically calling employers and saying, in order to comply with provincial regulations, you need to purchase our particular kit,” says Matheson. “So the sales pitch is extremely misleading.”

While the pricey kits do in fact comply with provincial regulations, Matheson points out there are much cheaper options to be had. “You can probably spend $75 and get the same type of thing, and meet provincial regulations,” she says. “We just want employers to be aware of their options.” Currently, employers must stock one of three different types of kit at a worksite, depending on the number of employees present.

In Ontario, Ministry of Labour spokesman Bruce Skeaff told COHSN that “all sorts of scams and schemes turn up every once in a while.” Indeed, Skeaff says that only a few weeks ago, “somebody was phoning companies and claiming that they were offering training courses that were required by the Ministry of Labour” — and available only through them. Skeaff was not aware of complaints related to first aid kits in Ontario.”

To conclude, be aware, as a company and an employer, that you have options when it comes to training and training materials for your workplace. Do your research and evaluate which option is more appropriate for you and your organization.

Source and full story at OHS Canada

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