Occupational Health & Safety in Nunavut and NWT
Those living in Nunavut and the Northwest Territories will be faced with some changes when it comes to Occupational Health and Safety.

A 350 page OHSR (Occupational Health and Safety Regulations) which has been developed over 2 years would replace "all regulations under the Safety Acts, including the integration of regulations related to asbestos, smoking in the workplace, silica and soundblasting and others, into one single set."

"Other changes include:

  • enhancing the role for joint oh&s committees;
  • facilitating the use of codes of practices (guidelines, standards) and an ongoing role for employers, workers and other stakeholders in their development;
  • recognizing and facilitating a partnership between employers and workers for oh&s at the work site;
  • updating requirements for personal protective equipment, such as fall protection gear;
  • addressing unique oh&s issues for workers in the North (cold weather work, cessation of routine work below -45 degrees Celsius, risk of frostbite, altered properties of materials and permafrost);
  • enhancing roles for joint health and safety committees;
  • dealing with harassment and violence on the job;
  • provisions for radiation safety, including protection of pregnant workers; and,
  • new provisions for forestry/mill operations, electrical workers, firefighters and health care workers."

Source and full story here: OHS Canada

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