TDG Amendment to Part 8, Reporting

Proposed in April, 2012, Transport Canada is amending Part 8 Reporting, Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations.  Presently the amendments are up for Public Consultation and proposed changes could include:
   - Definition
changes for anticipated release and imminent accidental release- Section 1.4
   - Table of Contents and Title amended

Reporting a release or anticipated release of dangerous goods or dangerous goods that are lost, stolen or unlawfully interfered with

8.1 Immediate Reporting

8.2 Immediate Reporting Information

8.3 Dangerous Goods Incident Report

8.4 Dangerous Goods Incident Report Information

8.5 Dangerous Goods Incident Report Exemption

8.6 Dangerous Goods That Are Lost, Stolen or Unlawfully Interfered With

Want to know more about the changes and proposed new text of Part 8?  Please refer to the TDG amendment to Part 8 - Reporting .

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