Beware of High Pressure Sales Tactics

For some time now, a business has been contacting companies and telling them they NEED to recertify for WHMIS training. The companies they are targeting are usually smaller organizations but can include larger ones as well.

We won't name names, however, we do want to make you aware that sometimes these companies contacting you are providing false information and often scaring you into purchasing training. They misrepresent themselves and will often give you the impression they are with the government. This is not true. If you are at the receiving end of these types of calls, we encourage you to get the callers information and report this type of activity to the Better Business Bureau. In fact, it's good practice to check with the BBB before doing business with any company.

YOW Canada does not and will never use scare tactics. This goes against our values and we want to educate you on your legal responsibilities when it comes to training.

Depending on your workplace and what your employees do, various training may be required.

WHMIS training is required for anyone who works with or is likely to come into contact with controlled products or hazardous materials at work. This may include but is not limited to: Nurses, Doctors, Laboratory staff, Maintenance and Janitorial staff, Admin and Clerical staff, Construction workers, Technicians, Teachers of Science, Chemistry, etc., Co-op Students, Shop Students and Teachers.

Also, frequency of training depends on your location and how often your work conditions change or available hazard information changes.

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