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Workplace Violence and Harassment
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Runtime Approx. 1.5 hours

A device with an internet connection is required.
Devices Supported:

Desktops and Laptops
Smartphones and Tablets

Latest Update:

We've launched an updated version of our WVH course. With a new look and design, it is now compatible with all devices including computers, tablets and smartphones!

This Course Covers

  • Workplace Violence and Harassment (WVH) Introduction & Regulations
  • WVH Identified
  • Sexual Harassment Identified
  • WVH Prevention and Strategies
  • Responding to WVH Incidents and Overview
  • Interactive exercises, tests & certificate
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Who Should Take this Course?

This course is designed for all Canadian workers including employees, managers and supervisors.

About This Training

Everyone should be able to work without fear of violence or harassment, in a safe and healthy workplace. Violence and harassment in the workplace are not tolerated in Canada.

This course is an effective and interactive way to keep you and your employees up-to-date with Workplace Violence & Harassment training requirements.

Workplace Violence and Harassment is a critical Health and Safety issue in workplaces across Canada. Employers must develop safe work policies and provide employee training. Employees must understand the workplace violence and harassment policies and work with the employer to prevent or eliminate the risks and hazards.

A training certificate is issued and emailed to the Training Administrator upon completion.

This course is available in English or in French, when a trainee logs into the training they can choose their preferred language.

View this page in French.

SCORM Compliant!

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Regulatory Questions?

Provincial regulations contacts and links

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