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Use our Training Program to become an Independent WAH Training Provider!
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Runtime Approx. 3.5 hours

A Computer with an internet connection is required. Additionally the Flash Webplayer is also required.
Devices Supported:

This Course Covers

  • Day 1:
    • Attend a WAH learner training class delivered by an experienced YOW instructor to observe how the course should be delivered and to prepare you for Day 2 of training. Instructors can attend any class in your area before the scheduled Day 2 training date.
  • Day 2:
    • Blended Learning Overview
    • Resources given/available to Trainers, and why they have been provided
    • Part 1: Basic Theory delivery, including Trainers responsibilities for Part 1
    • Part 2: Practical Training delivery
    • Training Provider Application process
    • Field Assessment Tips and Guidelines
    • WAH Delivery Options (Independent Delivery and YOW Connections)
    • Technical Training/demonstrations on using YOW systems for managing Learner Administration and Documentation (Procedures will be provided!)
    • Answer Questions on Course Delivery, Content, Systems, Processes
    • Completing and Submitting Training Provider Applications
    • What Trainers can expect for "Next Steps"
  • For a full outline click here

Refund Policy

Please note that due to the nature of this training program, there is a special refund policy in place. For more details click here: WAH TtT Refund Policy.

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Our 2-day Train-the-Trainer program provides you with the resources and instructional methods needed to become an effective WAH Training Provider. Working with the Ontario Ministry of Labour (MOL), YOW Canada carefully developed our WAH blended learning training program to ensure that our course exceeds all the required standards. You can save time and money by using our CPO approved WAH program for your own submission to become an approved Ontario WAH Training Provider.

Who Should Take this Course?

WAH blended learning delivery is ideal for Trainers that prefer teaching and demonstrating practical topics, like how to correctly use and inspect personal protective equipment. Our program will teach Learners the Basic Theory topics before they come to you for the Part 2 Practical training.

Blended learning is also a good option for Trainers that have a large number of clients that need to be trained - reducing classroom training time from approximately 8 hours to 4 hours allows Trainers to deliver more classes.

Also, blended learning delivery is ideal for Trainers working with Learners that are comfortable with online training. While studies have shown that 84% of learners prefer blended learning to just classroom training, blended learning is not for all Learners.

Please note that there are prerequisites that Trainers must meet before they can become a Training Provider - for more information please see the MOL’s Training Provider Standards.

About This Training

During the 2-day Train-the-Trainer course, we will work together to:

  • Coach you how to deliver WAH blended learning training to Learners. Trainers will be given a step-by-step lesson plan that describes:
    • The topics that must be taught to Learners to achieve the MOL's Learning Outcomes.
    • The materials and equipment to use to teach a topic and how to evaluate each Learner’s understanding of the topic. Materials may include exercises, case studies, demonstrations, pop quizzes or OHSA regulation references.
    • The best Instructional Methods to help Learners understand topics and retain the knowledge.
  • Explain the MOL's Training Provider Application process, so you have a clear understanding of what to expect after you submit your application.
  • You will complete and submit your own Training Provider Application before leaving at the end of Day 2! YOW will audit each application before it is submitted to ensure all the requirements have been met.
  • Provide tips and guidelines to give you the best chance of passing the MOL Field Assessment.
  • Demonstrate how you can use YOW's systems to significantly reduce the time you spend managing Learner administration and the documentation required by the MOL.
  • Coach you how to market “WAH blended learning” to improve your sales.

Your Train-the-Trainer instructor will also be your Assessment Coach and will be available to support you any time before or after the course.

This course is only available in English at this time.

Course Administration

Each client receives access to a Course Administration site to monitor and manage their purchased training accounts. The administration site can also be used to view and print additional copies of training certificates and download trainee reports.

Learn more here.

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Earn $400 for Delivering Part 2: Practical Training with “YOW Connections”

YOW Connections is a portal where YOW lists a number of scheduled WAH courses by city, date and time. For these courses, YOW will take care of recruiting and registering Learners, including discussing the course and answering any questions. YOW will also manage Part 1: Basic Theory delivery and booking the training venue for Part 2 classroom training. The only thing left to do is deliver the Part 2 Practical Training for which qualifying Trainers will be paid $400.

Approved Trainers that have taken YOW's Train-the-Trainer course and have signed up for Connections, can access the portal to view available classroom courses. If Trainers find a WAH course at a location, date and time they are available, they can contact YOW to “take responsibility” for the Part 2 classroom training. YOW will book the trainer and send the materials needed to deliver the classroom training. The Connections course will display on the Trainer's Dashboard so it's easy to remember. After delivering the classroom training and submitting the necessary paperwork to the MOL, the Trainer invoices YOW for $400 and is paid within 30 days.

Please see our FAQs for more information on becoming a WAH Blended Learning Training Provider with YOW.


Regulatory Questions?

Provincial regulations contacts and links

If you have questions regarding the WAH_TtT regulations, training or specific products, please contact us: 1.866.688.2845 or info@yowcanada.com.

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