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Q1, 2012::Issue 27




Ten Months ‘Til...

Happy 2012 everyone! Start the New Year with plans to improve your employee health and wellness means - giving your company a jump start to “October - the Healthy Workplace Month”.

Developing healthy workplace initiatives may not be an essential element of an Occupational Health and Safety Policy but these family-friendly strategies and health promotion programs can be beneficial to the adult worker who spends so much time at work.

A 2003 study (Healthy workplaces and productivity: A discussion paper) by Ottawa, Minister of Public Works and Government Services, estimated that 64 % of Canadian companies offered some sort of wellness programs.  But, it seemed the United States had endorsed this healthy workplace concept with 90 % of mid sized companies buying in to “Wellness in the Workplace”.  The motivation behind this American trend was to reduce rising health care costs, improving productivity and building an accommodating organizational culture. 

And now 9 years later, Health Canada and Excellence Canada (formerly National Quality Institute) http://www.excellence.ca/en/home/  have created an awesome partnership, publicizing healthy workplace awards and other programs that benefit employee health and wellness.     

So take care of your greatest assets...your workers!  Review these steps and put into action a Workplace Health and Wellness Program!

  • Get top level support and approval

  • Create a committee with dedicated and interested workers

  • Get feedback on employee needs and wellness initiatives your organization will provide

  • Develop a plan

  • Execute it by spreading the word

  • Evaluate




http://www.healthyworkplacemonth.ca/awards/ http://www.moissanteautravail.ca/about/



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