TDG 2023 Changes

Please note, YOW's training course has been updated to reflect the most recent changes.

What is happening?

Transport Canada (TC) is amending the TDG ground training requirements to require a competency based training assessment.

How is training affected?

With this amendment, there is now 1 Final Exam instead of 9 chapter quizzes. Transport Canada has made it mandatory that exams now need a minimum of 25 questions in this final exam. YOW’s previous course had 60 questions across the 9 chapters and it now has 43 in total.

The exam score threshold is now 80% (instead of 75%) to meet TC’s requirements.

Trainees now only have 3 attempts to pass the exam. After the 3rd attempt, their progress will be reset and they will need to go through the entire course again to get to the exam.

Do I need to re-train?

All certificates that have been issued prior to this change are valid until their 3 year expiry date. No early re-training is required.

When do the new regulations come into effect?

Once Transport Canada publishes the new requirements in the Canadian Gazette Part II, there will be a 12 month transitionary period for employers to start using competency based training. The expected publication date is some time in 2025.

YOW Canada has updated our TDG course ahead of time so that our training already meets the new regulations.

What has changed?

Some content has been updated to clarify the following:

  • That the course is only road and rail, and that transporting DGs by Air or Marine are separate regulations/training
  • Canutec's Role in Canada
  • How to mark 'Residues' on the shipping document

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