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Fall Protection
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Runtime Approx. 3 hours

A Computer with an internet connection is required. Additionally the Flash Webplayer is also required.
Devices Supported:

Desktops and Laptops
Smartphones and Tablets

Latest Update:

As of April 1st 2015 this Fall Protection course is no longer valid for workers in Ontario who work on construction projects. If this applies to you, our Working at Heights in Ontario program is available.

Learn more here.

This Course Covers

  • Fall Protection Introduction & Regulations:
  • Hazard Elimination & Fall Prevention
  • Fall Arrest:
  • Emergency Rescue & Fall Protection Overview
  • Interactive exercises, tests & certificate
  • For a full outline click here
Province Specific Rules:
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As of April 1, 2015, this course will no longer be valid for Ontario workers who work on ‘Construction Projects’. If you work on ‘Construction Projects’ in Ontario and take this course prior to this date, you will have 2 years to comply with the new Ontario ‘Working at Heights’ program. Otherwise, for any other workers who work in other Provincially or Federally designated ‘sectors’, this FP training course will continue to be available.

For more information please view:
Ontario Ministry of Labour FAQs.

Newfoundland & Labrador

As of January 1, 2012, the government of Newfoundland and Labrador has introduced a new requirement for all workers working at heights of 3m or more who use Fall Protection equipment (i.e. a harness). These workers will now require a specific 16 hour training program which includes a ‘hands on’ component.

Does this apply to you?
You can contact the WHSCC or visit their web site for more information:
Do you need Working at Heights in Ontario? If so, click here to learn about our blended learning Working at Heights course.

Who Should Take this Course?

All workers who work at heights and anyone who is likely to be exposed to fall hazards.

About This Training

Fall hazards are dangerous in the workplace and employees working near these hazards need to have adequate knowledge and training to work safely.

This comprehensive Fall Protection course is an effective and interactive way to keep you and your employees up-to-date with Fall Protection training requirements.

Considered a "full general training", this course can also be used for "refresher training".

While all efforts have been made to ensure the training meets regulatory requirements, a ‘site specific’ or ‘hands on’ tutorial is sometimes required. Trainees need to be taught the safe use of any specific equipment used on their job site (i.e. swing stages, aerial lifts etc).

A training certificate is issued and emailed to the Training Administrator upon completion.

This course is available in English or in French, when a trainee logs into the training they can choose their preferred language.

View this page in French.

Course Administration

Each client receives access to a Course Administration site to monitor and manage their purchased training accounts. The administration site can also be used to view and print additional copies of training certificates and download trainee reports.

Learn more here.

SCORM Compliant!

Regulatory Questions?

Provincial regulations contacts and links

If you have questions regarding the FP regulations, training or specific products, please contact us: 1.866.688.2845 or

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