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Q2, 2006

::  Issue 2
Top Story
Fines for Health & Safety Infractions

Think you're safe from fines? These companies were caught off guard when they were fined as much as $313,000 for health & safety violations. Learn from their mistakes and avoid a hefty fine in your workplace.

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Ask the Experts

Who's Responsible for WHMIS Training?
Learn the role your company plays in WHMIS training and how the government is involved. 
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What is TDG?
Many companies transport dangerous goods but are unaware that they must abide by the TDG Regulations.
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Regulatory Brief
Ontario Court of Justice Updates Fines for TDG Act Infractions

In August, 2005, the Ontario Court of Justice revised their fines for infractions to the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act in Ontario, called Schedule 3.1.

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